Senin, 24 April 2017

Learn Nature


              Nature is one of the most incredible thing that Allah created. Nature is a little word that can make everyone feel better. Nature gave us everything we need to life. Nature is the best gift from Allah to human. We are really need nature. We can’t survive on earth without nature gave like air, oxygen, light sun, water, etc. Nature is everything around us included plants, water, animals, mountains, sky, clouds, lake, river, sea, hill, forest, etc. 

            We can see many even every nature’s characteristics that make us amaze with it. Nature is a thing that Allah created with full of secret. So we can call nature is simple but in understood. Almost everything on nature we can’t understand with our mind. Nature was existed on earth long time before all of us created, but until now we can see the nature is really fresh. So nature is old but fresh. Nature has many weird thing too. We can’t find it on other place, different from other and has a special unique. So nature is weird but unique. Nature is too weak for protect them self from our hand, too fragile. But if we were become “blind monster”, nature will be petulant although fragile and become very powerful.

            Nature gave us everything we need. Nature gave very much benefit that we can’t pay back however we try. The main benefit from nature is refreshing our mind. After all work and routines that make us tired, nature gave us fresh air and amazing scenery. We can refresh our mind with many ways, like play with nature. We can feel more enjoy and better than before. We also can watch the nature. Nature has beautiful scenery and enjoyable life on there. And then we can feel the nature. Nature has many thing that can’t understood by us.

Hasil gambar untuk nature

            Allah is the best artist on the universe. And His best creation is nature. If we want to see the most beautiful thing on earth, we can see the nature. Nature is very amazing, really beautiful, quite great, and absolutely wonderful. All of us always try their best for make something that equals like nature’s beauty but of course however we try they can’t make something equals with nature. Because of that, we try to take nature to our own home. We often take a picture of nature. We also frequently make a painting of nature.

            Nature provided every vital thing that needed by us. Nature gave all of it without profit for nature. Nature gave us the most vital thing in our life, oxygen. We got oxygen from nature without fee or payment, we got it free but we never be grateful with that. Nature also gave us an example of beautiful life, nature gave us a slice of life. Nature was provided great scenery for us. For example is aurora, night sky, mountains, etc. But in generally nature provide everything for us.

Dewa Athena

Dewa Athena

       God athena is a school event that is loaded with games on sports organized by OSIS in collaboration with schools. This event is very awaited by the citizens of the school because the event is very exciting.

    Gods athena various sports such as badminton, basketball, soccer, tug of war, and others. Usually the sport is divided by 2 is the game of son and daughter, it ungkin because different men and women manifold different.

       In gods because I play a game of tug and basketball. In my class basket I lost the first qualifying round as well as basketball. I am very happy to be able to play on behalf of my class, despite losing.

      Our class plays all the games in the gods of athena such as soccer men's soccer soccer badminton dodge ball and others. But the incoming final is only a women's football game. Even so we still have to be grateful.

Minggu, 15 Januari 2017

My Holiday

My Last Holiday

    My family and I filled holiday end of the semester by going to a town on the island of Sumatra, namely Bandar Lampung, Lampung city at the southern tip of Sumatra island went to Lampung to pass two ways: the sea and the air, I went through the air.
     I purpose to Lampung is to visit my grandmother who was sick and vacation my family and I started to get ready from your home to the airport at 7 am I prepared all my needs himself and so did the others prepare the goods respectively.
     Already at the airport when I was with my family rushed to check the tickets and put our luggage for almost any air left behind, fortunately we are up to 15 minutes before boarding our plane ride and it was a small aircraft types ATR.

     After we arrived at the airport we were greeted by a family of my grandmother I was happy when greeted like that we went straight to the grandmother's house I fortunately saw my grandmother, who was ill.   

     Moment we've got home my grandmother's condition had improved even he has been able to go shopping to the market alone glad I heard it when I was until I got up to do with my grandmother who had not met for 1 year.

     After knowing my grandmother conditions getting better I went on vacation to the beach is the beach Pahawang it is located in the south and the coastal area of Lampung was known to be very beautiful.
     When he got me in Pahawang I was struck very white sand blue water no rubbish at all I tried to dive into the sea and the beauty of the sea is fantastic as underwater paradise I'm very happy to be on vacation in Pahawang.
     It's all from me Wassalaamualaikum Wr. Wb.